Salt Yoga at The Salt Room Woodbury

YOU are invited to join Salt Yoga

A gentle yoga flow practice in a beautiful and serene salt room setting. This series will guide you in cultivating presence in your body, in the present moment, and in your breath to untangle the effects of stress. The synergy of yoga alongside the therapeutic benefits of the salt room will support you in bringing consciousness and depth to your breath and body awareness, building resilience to stress, and supporting overall wellness for your mind, body, and soul!

NO previous yoga experience required- the beauty of yoga is unlike other fitness modalities, there is no right and wrong, no competition, and a focus on tuning in to what feels good in your body, listening to your own inner wisdom. Our time will consist of a warm-up, gentle flow with some optional challenges (and modifications), and an easy wind-down and savasana to close our time together. We will do the same flow all four weeks to allow your body to build muscle memory and familiarity facilitating more of a meditative flow with an internal focus.

Your Instructor

Tamara Kraft is a 500 hr certified yoga instructor and holistic wellness coach with her PhD in Somatic Psychology. Her practice has an emphasis on the integration of mind and body and using asana practice, breathwork, and affirmations as a journey to more integration and becoming one's best self.

The first session will consist of four classes that will begin on Monday, Sept 20th at 6pm and run the following three weeks. Each class will be a 45 minute session. Price is $150 for the entire four class session. Additional classes will be launching in the months to come.

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The Salt Room Woodbury provides amazing Salt Therapy services. Choose a package that works for you and meets all your Salt Therapy needs. Come in today and start relaxing and breathing easier - Inhale, Exhale, Stay Well.
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